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    • This succulent garden is design by local artist, Steve Hoang. It is a Great gift idea!  Very easy to care for and looks great at home or at the office. There is  a variety sizes and design you can choose from.so please call or come in today.

      Succulent Bliss


    • We always have a beautiful assortment of Azalea Plants. Perfect for any occasion! They come in 3 different sizes, a 6" pot, an 8" pot and in tree form. Azalea's are sent out in a nice basket with a bow. Prices vary, starting at $37.99

      Azalea Plants

      from $49.99

    • Mother's day plants. Give the gift that last.  Many to choose from. Ready for Mother's Day!  

                                                          15% OFF MARKED PRICE.



    • Small size shown. Also have medium size with 2 stems and large size with 3 stem all arranged beautifully and displayed in gorgeous containers ready for mom.

                                                     15% OFF MARKED PRICE!!



    • The FTD® Spathiphyllum, or more commonly known as the Peace Lily, is a beautiful plant to help convey your wishes for tranquility and sweet serenity. An ideal gift for most occasions, this lush plant displays white conical blooms perfectly presented in a round woven container to make it a natural fit for any interior decor. 8" plant.

      The FTD® Spathiphyllum

      from $54.99

    • We offer an array of beautiful basket and dish gardens suitable for any occasion!
Priced from $35.00 & up, depending on size, these gardens are available year round.
Please feel free to contact us to see what we have in stock!

      Basket Gardens-Dish Gardens

      Please call for pricing

    • These fantastic dish gardens are designed and created by local artist Steve Hoagn. Easy to care for and beautiful to look

      Nature & Tranquil Succulent

      from $45.00

    • They come in a variety of colors and they’re not only easy to grow but are also quite hardy.  Hydrangeas also benefit from an occasional boost of fertilizer once or twice a year in spring or summer. Most can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Please call for availability--seasonal item.



    • The FTD® Palm Plant brings natural beauty to any space with its incredible lush foliage. Known for their attractive splayed green leaves, this large plant arrives presented in a round graphite container to make it an ideal fit for any interior décor. 10" plant.

      The FTD® Palm


    • Can't decide on which plant to send? Let the florist design something special using their most beautiful blooming and green plants in a basket. The combination will make a lovely presentation, appropriate for any occasion!
Florist designed green plants in a basket or dish start at $39.99 and blooming & green plants in either a basket or dish start at $49.99!

      FTD Florist Designed Blooming and Green Plants in a Basket